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Generations Of Killer Ink

Generations Of Killer Ink

The Skuse family have a rich heritage in the art of tattooing – dating back well over 80 years. It all started with founder Les Skuse, who started the Bristol business back in 1928. Through his years of inking that brought him recognition in Bristol and abroad, Les Skuse was ultimately awarded the title of Champion Tattoo Artist of all England for his advancements in tattoo artistry and techniques.

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Artist: Valerie Vargas

Valerie Vargas

The tattoo industry is saturated with mediocre artists creating second-rate tattoos, so it is nice to see an artist who is not only technically outstanding but who also has a real passion for their art.

London based Valerie Vargas is without a doubt one of the best traditional tattoo artists on the scene. Her amazing line work and attention to detail sets her apart from the rest. Check out her blog and website Frith Street Tattoo.

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Illustrations By Shohei Otomo

Shohei Otomo

The impeccably rendered ball-point pen illustrations of Shohei Otomo, aka Hakuchi, play with themes of Japanese history, stereotypes and nationalism.

The way he contrasts large dark and white shapes with fine detail reminds me of highly talented, yet largely forgotten illustrator Vint Lawrence. A little modern with a touch of traditional make his work stand out and not something you see everyday.

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